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Buying Discount Gift Cards

You can either Browser Our Inventory under the "Discount Gift Cards" section or do a search at the top of our site with the brand of the gift card you are looking for. Once you find the appropriate card, simply add it to your shopping cart and then checkout. Once paid, your gift card will arrive either by email or delivered by mail depending on the type of card you purchased.

On, you can purchase gift cards in two forms, eGift Card and Physical Card.

eGift Card: eGift cards are basically digital codes sent to the buyer via email. You will receive the gift card number along with the PIN code which will allow you to use the gift card for purchases. They can be used for online purchases and also some merchant in-store as well, as long as you print out the voucher and redeem it in store.
* Please note that we do not issue refunds on egift cards once they have claimed, unless there is an issue with the codes.

Physical Card: These are like regular gift cards you purchase in stores. Once these are purchased from us, we will send the gift card code to electronically, but also mail you out the physical card as these will be required by some merchants for purchases.
* Please note that we don’t issue refunds on physical cards once they are mailed out, unless there is an issue with the gift cards.

NO, we do not add any type of fees to the gift cards purchased from us. There is not sales tax, delivery fee or processing fees. The total you see in your shopping cart is the total amount you will pay for the discounted gift card.

Yes, there is a limit of $500 per day per transaction on credit card purchases, so you would need to wait 24 hours to be able to purchase again if your last transaction was $500. If you would like to more then $500 per day per transaction, you will be prompted with our wire transfer info and you will need to wire us the funds before the gift cards are delivered to you. This process is in place to make sure not fruad is being made throught our system.

Once you login and checkout from the shopping cart, you will be able to use a Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express to pay for yor gift cards. More payment options will be available in the future.

Yes, we do allow you to be able to purchase any of our gift cards in Bulk. All you need to do is contact Our Staff or Call Us with a request to purchase gift cards in bulk. Please be aware that purchasing cards in bulk will require a wire transfer for payment.

Using Your Gift Cards

A eGift card code can be used online and for some brand in-store purchases.

Online: At checkout, enter the gift card number along with the PIN to add the gift card balance into your account. Then just complete your purchase as you would if paying with a different payment option.

In-Store: Print the voucher pdf out you received in your email. At the cashier, have them scan the barcode on the voucher to add the gift card balance to your transaction.
* Please note that most brands will not accept a voucher gift card for in-store purchases.

A Physical Gift Card is a normal plastic card you will receive in the mail. You can use it either online or in-store like you would a credit card.

Most brand will not allow you to use a eGift Card or Voucher for in-store purchases. We can only guarantee eGift cards will work for online purchases.

No, gift cards are like cash, they do not expire. However, we can only guarantee the gift cards for the first 45 days after purchase date.

You can find the information you need on our Check Gift Card Balance page. Just select the brand of the gift card and we will give you the information needed to check the balance. Most gift cards can be checked online, but the rest do have phone numbers you can call to check the balance of the gift card.

If you gift card is showing a different balance then the one you purchased, please contact Our Staff right away so we can take care of this issue for you.

Please make sure you are entering the correct number of the gift card and the correct PIN. If your gift card is still coming up invalid, please contact Our Staff right away so we can take care of this issue for you.

Selling Your Gift Cards to Us

If you have gift cards you would like to sell to us, please contact Our Staff and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

We purchase all types of gift cards. We do have some requirements for the types of card we purchase.

1. Gift Cards will need to be new, unused and none of the backside codes scratched off.
2. For security reasons, we do not purchase eGift Cards or Vouchers.
3. We will need to verify the balance of the cards once we receive them and before you are paid for the cards.

Depending on the type of cards we purchase, you will either be paid with a company check, cashier check or a wire transfer.


You can visit our Return / Refund Policy page to read all about it.

Refunds take about 1-3 business days to complete on our end. Once a refund has been issued, it will be credited back to the credit card used to make the purchase.

Please visit our Gift Card Protection page for more details.

Shipping / Delivery

Once the transaction has been approved by our processor, your order will be processed immediately.

eGift Card: These types of cards are delivered through email. You will receive your purcahsed gift card within 24-48 hours once the transaction has been approved.

Physical Card: These types of cards are mailed out the next business day. You will also receive a email with the same code and pin as on the card. Shipping on physical cards depending on your shipping address will take anywhere from 3-7 business days to receive.

eGift Cards are electronically delivered to your email address we have on file in your account. Please make sure it is correct and you can also add [javascript protected email address] to your contact or whitelist to ensure inbox delivery.
* Please note that we are not responsible for incorrect email addresses that have been supplied to us.

Physical Cards are shipped out and delivered by the USPS. These cards will be mailed out the next business day once the transaction has been approved to the shipping address we have one file in your account.
* Please note that we are not responsible for incorrect addresses that have been supplied to us.

Physical Cards are mailed out to the address supplied to use in your account. If you need it to be shipped to a different address, please contact us immediately after you have placed the order, otherwise once a card has been mailed out, we can not reroute it to a different address for you.

Account Verification

In order to protect ourselfs and our customer, we will review all orders placed on our system for potentail fraud. If we do find anything alerting about the order, we will contact you to confirm the pruchase before it is processed. We will not ship out any gift cards until the order is verified by the credit card holder.


Once a order has been placed and process, we can not cancel it. Once a eGift card is processed and emailed out, we can not cancel this order. Also if a physical card has been processed and mailed out, we will not cancel or refund the transaction. If you would us to look over the order for cancellation before it has processed please contact Our Staff or Call Us immediately.

Due to security measures put in place to protect both Customer and Company, sometimes a transaction will be denied or flag by our processor and the order will be cancelled. If your order was cancelled please contact Our Staff for feature details.

Account Management

Please visit our Registration Page to signup for a FREE Account on

If you have forgotten your password to your account, you can either vist our Password Reset page where you can enter the email address that is on your account and a new password will be sent to you, or you can contact Our Staff for help.

The main reason you would not be able to register for an account would be if you live outside the United States. Currently we only allow US Residents to purchase gift cards from our website.