45 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee on All Our Discounted Gift Cards!

When you purchase any gift card from GiftCard.net, we guarantee you will receive the gift card with the amount promised. We guarantee protection against gift card fraud and unscrupulous gift cards when used within our 45 day buyer protection guarantee policy. We recommend you use the gift cards right away so we can fully back the cards. We guarantee that all card balance discrepancies reported to us within 45 days of the purchase date will be fully refunded.

What Our Guarantee Covers:

  • Cards that have not been used
  • Cards with an incorrect balance on them
  • Cards delivered as a brand other than the brand ordered
  • Physical cards received after 30 days from the date of purchase

What Our Guarantee DOES NOT Cover:

  • Refund requests received after 45 Days from date of purchase
  • Change of mind or remorse
  • Misunderstanding of card delivery method or time frame of delivery
  • Misunderstanding of how a particular card is redeemed either online or in store
  • Cards lost or misplaced by the buyer
  • Cards merged onto external merchant apps or accounts is against our Terms of Use
  • Cards that are resold on any other platform or given as gifts
  • Cards that are no longer honored by the retailer (Goes out of business or files for bankruptcy)

How to protect your purchased Gift Card?

  • Check your Gift Card Balance right when you receive it
  • Make sure to use the full balance of the card within 45 days after purchase date
  • Report any balance discrepancy immediately after receving your card to Customer Service

Abuse of our 45 Day Guarantee

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the registration of any member who we believe, in our sole discretion, abuses or attempts to abuse our 45 Day Gift Card Guarantee. We will report any such abuse to the appropriate legal authorities.

If you have any questions or would like to request a refund for your order under the 45 Day Guarantee, please contact our Customer Service.